Interested in moving to Las Vegas? Here’s what you need to know.

Known as a go-to destination to cut loose and embrace a wilder side for a weekend, Las Vegas is most commonly referred to as America’s “Sin City” but making a move to Nevada’s hustling and bustling metropolis casts it in an entirely new light. 


The city boasts an almost undescribable energy that can make it feel like living in the suburbs or even the country, while always having the big city at your fingertips. Offering the best of both worlds, Las Vegas residents also enjoy up to 300+ days of sunshine a year. Here are a few other advantages to calling Las Vegas home.


Housing Affordability 

Compared to other large cities, Las Vegas is surprisingly affordable. The median home price is around $400,000. For those seeking to move from vastly more expensive areas such as California or New York, Las Vegas gives you the opportunity to stretch your dollar even further.


Some of America’s top builders have built communities and new homes in Las Vegas, so rest assured you are getting quality real estate. A million-dollar home in cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco often sit at a much more attainable price point in Las Vegas. As an added bonus, many homes are developed with fenced backyards for privacy and finished with barbeque areas, pools, and spas. 


Tax Benefits

Nevada is known as a tax haven for those looking to escape high-tax states, such as California, Illinois, or New York. Among the top tax benefits of living in Las Vegas is the fact that Nevada residents do not pay state income tax, putting more money in their pockets. Additionally, there’s no state tax on estate or inheritance and overall, there are low property taxes.


World Class Entertainment

A renowned hub of American and international entertainment, Las Vegas offers quality entertainment in every tradition imaginable. From comedy, casinos, and magic shows, to concerts, circuses, and theater, there is sure to be a gold-star act for everyone. Must-see acts from around the world routinely billet the marquees in this city, from permanent staples like Cirque du Soleil to artists-in-residence like Britney Spears. 


Outdoor Extracurriculars

If you enjoy the great outdoors, you may just be in luck. One of the biggest advantages of living in Las Vegas, the city has hundreds of parks to enjoy, miles of trails to explore, and is surrounded by several National and state parks that lure visitors from all over the country.